Structural FEA currently offers the 1D Elements© and PlateMesh© programs. The HoleMesh© program is in indevelopment and will be released in 2020.

1D Elements© is a finite element program that uses 1D elements (beams, rods, springs) in 2D space. While other 2D structural analysis programs are relatively limited and inflexible, 1D Elements is a full featured FEA program that can perform static analysis, buckling analysis (Eigenvalue), and natural frequency analysis. Any combination of forces, moments, thermal loads, enforced displacements, or gravity/acceleration can be applied. Also, all element types can be used in the same model.

1D Elements offers parametric capability, multiple case runs, custom formulas, and optimization; this makes it the most powerful and flexible program of its kind. And unlike general purpose 3D FEA packages, 1D Elements is specifically designed for 1-dimensional elements in 2D space and has a relatively low learning curve. To get started, see the overview video below or view the entire suite of videos.

PlateMesh© is a pre/post processer that determines the Eigenvalue for a rectangular plate. The program uses the open source CalculiX solver. It is a feature rich program for plate buckling analysis, addressing nearly all scenarios.